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Automatische chauffeur moet nog veel leren

Full-page interview in the Dutch newspaper Het Parool about self-driving cars and vulnerable road user safety. January 31, 2015.
 © Het Parool

De auto als tweede huiskamer

Article in the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad about the Automotive Innovation Award Event 2015 held in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, and more generally about the future of vehicles. Includes a mention to our research on active pedestrian safety. January 31, 2015.
 © NRC Handelsblad

Daimler introduces vision-based pedestrian safety system in its Mercedes-Benz E Class

Our longstanding Daimler research on stereo-vision pedestrian detection recently paid off: At the Detroit Motor Show, January 2013, Daimler CEO, Dr. Zetsche, announced a system for active pedestrian safety in the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class. More ...

Späher, Scanner und Sensoren

Our aggression detection research at the University of Amsterdam was featured on German TV in 3sat's science program "hitec", 10 October 2011 (re-broadcasted on 20 September 2012).

De Machinemens

Science program “Labyrint” on Dutch TV (VPRO) featuring future, intelligent cars. Among others, segment on pedestrian protection, 5 April 2011. © VPRO

Slimme camera zoekt gevaar op

Half-page article in Het Parool (Dutch newspaper) on smart camera research, March 26, 2011.© Het Parool

Intelligent surveillance

Interview on Radio Netherlands Worldwide regarding current research on abnormal behavior and aggression detection at the University of Amsterdam, 25 February 2011

Intelligente Oren en Ogen

Two-page article in the science supplement of the NRC Handelsblad (major Dutch newspaper) on research at the University of Amsterdam on intelligent, human-aware cameras. January 8, 2011.
© NRC Handelsblad

Brain science symposium delves deeply into big questions.

Article in Today at Brown on 10th Anniversary of Brain Institute at Brown University, where I joined the “Brain-like Computing” panel with Peter Norvig (head Google Research) and Rodney Brooks (prof. em MIT), see photo.

pedestrian collision avoidance

A worldwide first: An intelligent vehicle that automatically steers and evades pedestrians. Coverage in german print media (July 2009), among others:

Für Fußgänger bremst das Auto automatisch. Article in local Neu-Ulmer Zeitung covering our pedestrian protection activities. July 5, 2008

Demo Day, AKTIV-SFR project, Bergisch Gladbach (D), June 25, 2008. Our autonomous vehicle braking demo with real pedestrians was covered by following German media

Demo Day, Intelligent Vehicles conference, Eindhoven (NL), June 6, 2008. Our autonomous vehicle braking demo with real pedestrians was covered by following Dutch media

KRO’s “De Toekomst is Nu” (The Future is Now). Popular science program on Dutch TV covering, among others, our activities on aggression detection within our CASSANDRA project. April 25, 2008.

Dariu Gavrila wint I/O award 2007

Article in the I/O ICT Onderzoek (Magazine of the Dutch Science Foundation NWO) regarding the I/O Award 2007.

Das mitdenkende Fahrzeug

Front-page photo in the Computer Zeitung showing EU Commissioner Vivian Reading in our pedestrian vehicle demonstrator (German weekly magazine for IT-Management), May 21 2007.


Wakend oog van slimme machines.

Full-page interview and front page picture in de Volkskrant (second-largest Dutch newspaper) on the occasion of my Oratio (public acceptance lecture of a Professor) at the University of Amsterdam, March 10, 2007. © De Volkskrant

Deze week spreekt ...

Interview in the NRC Handelsblad (major Dutch newspaper) on the occasion of my Oratio (public acceptance lecture of a Professor) at the University of Amsterdam, March 6, 2007.
© NRC Handelsblad

Euronews HiTech broadcast of DaimlerChrysler’s vision-based pedestrian system at the EU Intelligent Car event in Brussel, February 2006. See video clip (3.4 Mb).

Slimme auto komt eraan.

Article in De Telegraaf (largest Dutch newspaper) mentioning activities on pedestrian protection at the EU Intelligent Car event in Brussel, February 24, 2006. © De Telegraaf

Two articles in De Volkskrant (2nd largest Dutch newspaper) on smart surveilleance mentioning Looking-at-People activities and the CASSANDRA project, April 9, 2005: Big Brother kent de rare loopjes and NS: aggressie opsporen met camera
© De Volkskrant

DaimlerChrysler’s pedestrian system integrated on-board a FUSO concept truck, featured at the Tokyo Motor Show, November 2004. See video clip (17 Mb).

DaimlerChrysler’s worldwide image campaign “Vision of Accident-free Driving” with Mother and Child sub-theme highlighting DaimlerChrysler’s vision-based pedestrian system. International print and broadcast media (e.g. International Herald Tribune, The Economist, Der Spiegel, BBC), 2002-2003.

German television: VOX / “Spiegel TV Special”, program titled “The Future of the Automobile” covering, among others, vision-based pedestrian detection, November 30 and December 1, 2002.

De Intelligente Auto
Cover article in de Ingenieur (Dutch popular scientific magazine) on driver assistance describing, among others, our pedestrian protection system. November 9, 2001.
© De Ingenieur (PDF, 725Kb).

German television: 3SAT's science program NANO, August 25, 2000. See video clip.


Article “Der bewegte Mensch” in C’t (German computer science magazine), vol. 23, 2000.

English television: BBC's science program Tomorrow's World, coverage of DaimlerChrysler Urban Traffic Assistant, including pedestrian detection, December 2, 1998.

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